Keyboards weren't designed to type mathematical symbols.

μBoard is here to help.

Ever tried to type up some maths notes, or email a friend asking about an equation? Then you already know the struggle of getting maths symbols onto your computer screen. µBoard is an additional keyboard that can be plugged into any computer, via USB, and immediately simplifies typing mathematical symbols.

It supports a number of different writing environments: Microsoft Word, LaTeX and ASCII. The familiar form factor and compact design allow for intuitive and portable use in any situation.


Here's why μBoard makes your life easier.

In just a few simple ways.

Type Faster

Forget about typing impossible to remember keycodes.

Avoid Mistakes

Ensure you always get the right symbol.

Mix Platforms

Always utilise the best symbols for your platform.

Look Professional

Say goodbye to ugly text-based symbols.

Save Money

Undercutting all competition.

Stay Focused

Concentrate on what you're typing, not how.

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RRP: £25